LEMKEN Company Introduction

LEMKEN is an award- winning company with a historic past and a strong future. Viktor and Nicola Lemken are the sixth and seventh generation of family to lead the company, which started out as a blacksmith shop in 1780. Long before the first Tractors arrived on the scene, LEMKEN was building plows that made farmers more productive and was the first company ever to patent a reversible plow design in 1925.

Founder, Wilhelmus Lemken, would be proud that the company he founded now occupies a state-of-the-art, 592.000 sq-ft. manufacturing facility in Alpen Germany with 1100 employees worldwide. We’re proud of our reputation for innovation and quality. We support it with creative design, advanced engineering and modern production techniques that employ the latest in computer-assisted technology, robotic welding, automated steel forming and tempering systems.

LEMKEN’s attention to detail, even down to our signature blue paint, which is produced at our own ultra-modern KTL paint facility (Electrophoretic, E-coat), shows we are committed to producing quality products for farms of all sizes and types around the world.

LEMKEN is a company that invests heavily in research, development and manufacturing technology. Ten percent of our workforce is dedicated to engineering and innovation. We believe in responsible, sustainable growth both for our company and our customers, which means a strong focus on service and a commitment to never let our customers down.

LEMKEN truly is the AgroVision Company and we plan to continue delivering quality, innovative products to farmers for another 230 years.

Heliodor 8

• High Speed Tillage Unit (work travel speed 6 – 10 Miles depending on Tractor HP and field conditions.
• Comes in 2.5 Meter (8’) to 16 Meter (52’)
• Compact Frame provides ample clearance for residue to help avoid blockage
• 18” serrated, concave discs .20” thick
• Each Disc is individually suspended with Leaf Springs in 2 rows


Rubin 9

• Heavy Duty (works with 900 lbs of down pressure per Disc due to pre-tensioned coil springs )
• 24” serrated, concave discs .25” thick
• Working depth 2” to 6”
• Row of Harrows behind each row of discs
• Harrow helps to keep the residue down and inside the Machine

Rubin 9

Rubin 12

• Heavy Duty (pre-tensioned double coil springs )
• Operates in all soil types and in conditions traditionally requiring cultivators
• 29” serrated, concave discs .25” thick
• Working depth 2” to 8”

Rubin 12


• Tines on three rows with an approx. 27 – 28 cm (10 ½ – 11”) line distance
• Quick tool change between stubble cultivation and deep soil cultivation
• Maintenance-free overload safety units with high tripping force


Why is Tillage recommended?

After harvest the crop doesn’t keep shadow on the ground anymore, but the plants root system is still there to suck some moisture so Tillage is important.

What does Tillage do?
Tillage …
• DESTROYS the root system to prevent evaporation.

• MIXES the crop residue with soil to activate a compost effect

• CREATES A SEEDBED for the volunteers left from seeding and harvesting

• GERMINATION of an intercrop will improve the soil profile and catch nitrates

• PACKS to uniform the so called Mulch and prevent it from erosion

A perfect depth control is needed to keep an ideal balance between, destroying, mixing, incorporating and packing a good seedbed